THE BRUSSELL’S GYMNASTICS COMPETITIVE PROGRAM strives to develop self-discipline, self-control, and responsibility, feeling the excitement of competition while learning to manage success and disappointment, and being successful by doing your best through diligence, perseverance and attention to detail.

The BGCP is divided into Xcel, Compulsory and Optional. PLACEMENT & ADVANCEMENT within the BGCP is based on: Age and Maturity, Coach-ability, Work Ethic and Attitude, Parental Support and Communication, Physical Strength and Flexibility. Gymnasts remain at their given level for the competitive season unless otherwise determined by the BGCP Staff. Placement and advancement decisions made by the BGCP Staff are final.


XCEL PROGRAM teaches the basics without the J.O. Program strictness. Competition season is January – April/May 2021.

XCEL BRONZE & SILVER LEVELS are the initial BGCP levels that introduce parents and gymnasts to a competitive atmosphere with entry-level gymnastics skills, technique, and conditioning.

XCEL GOLD, PLATINUM & DIAMOND LEVELS are used to bridge any skill gaps of USAG Levels 4-10.

COMPULSORY PROGRAM (USAG LEVELS 4 & 5) are J.O. Program entry levels. Gymnasts compete the same routine on all events with steady skill progression for USAG levels 6 and 7. Competition season is December 2020 – March 2021.

OPTIONAL PROGRAM (USAG LEVELS 6 – 10) builds on the basic fundamentals while pushing for excellence. Gymnasts have routines choreographed to the gymnast’s individual style, skill requirements and strengths, as well as dance ability. Competition season is December 2020 – April 2021.