COVID-19 Procedures for Brussell’s Gymnastics

1)      It is our expectation that if you and/or your child are coming to Brussell’s Gymnastics, it means that you and/or your child are healthy and have not come in contact with someone that has COVID-19. Our Illness Policy states that a child that is sick or contagious must be fever free for 24 hours without medication and not vomited or had diarrhea for at least 24 hours, before returning to BG Programs. PINK EYE and LICE are considered contagious and must be cleared before returning.

If you or your child/children are directly exposed to COVID 19 per CDC guidelines they may return:

·         After day 10 without testing and are symptom-free or

·         After day 7 after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later)

2)      A New Registration Form, Concussion Form for our Insurance Company, and the Spotting Waiver Due To CO-VID19 will need to be filled out in order for your child to participate in activities at Brussell’s Gymnastics. *This will need to be filled out for each child.*

SPOTTING WAIVER DUE TO COVID-19: I am aware that while gymnastics and tumbling activities are individual sports, there will be times when incidental contact will occur. Brussell’s Gymnastics programs are operating in a social and physical distancing environment but even with best efforts and intentions, there will be times the children will breach the prescribed (6’) distancing recommendation. In addition, our teaching and coaching staff will spot (physically assist) when the circumstances require it. Spotting our students and athletes is often necessary in order to teach skills safely, to help students and athletes perform skills correctly, and to prevent injury. I understand and agree that spotting will be part of the learning process at Brussell’s Gymnastics and I agree to permit my child’s teacher and/or coach to physically assist my child when needed. Direct assistance will also be provided in the event of an injury, to wipe away tears and high fives for accomplishments.

3)      Upon arrival, we ask that:

REC/TEAM parents drop off your participant or allow only one parent inside the facility.

PRESCHOOL participants are allowed one parent inside the facility.

4)      Participants MUST have their own water bottle in order to minimize the use of the water fountain. The water fountain should only be used to fill bottles.

5)      Enter into the original entrance of Brussell’s Gymnastics.

REC/TEAM participants will go to the right and inside the big gym.

                PRESCHOOL participants will go to the left and inside the preschool room.

6)      The Front Lobby has floor markings for where to stand to wait for assistance. Otherwise, move into the big gym or preschool room as instructed based on your child’s class.

7)      Seating is limited. Individual chairs have been placed 6 feet apart in each viewing area.

8)      We have allowed for 15-minute increments of time between each class and/or practice in order to disinfect frequently used surfaces and allow for better traffic flow.

9)      Once inside the building, wall hand sanitizing stations have been labeled. Bathrooms are also available for handwashing.

10)   Bathrooms and water fountains have been marked with waiting for lines that are 6 feet from each entrance.

11)   Signage for entering and exiting the gym floor as well as entering and exiting the building have been placed throughout the facility.

12)   BG Staff and participants are asked to wash hands OR use hand sanitizer if they leave the floor.

13)   Once each class and/or practice is finished, we ask that participants are picked up promptly.

                REC/TEAM will exit the big gym through the sliding doors.

                PRESCHOOL will exit the preschool gym through the side door that has been labeled.

14)   Masks are not mandatory within the facility but are not discouraged if you feel that is what is best for your family.

Be mindful of others while in the Brussell’s Gymnastics facility. We have done our best to distance where we can and ask that everyone respect each other in this time.