Brussell’s Gymnastics Class Policies 

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a Family Registration Fee of $25 due when you sign up for classes. REMEMBER to pick up your Brussell’s Gymnastics t-shirt. 

MONTHLY TUITION  is billed on the 25th of each month. Payment for tuition is due by the 5th and can be accepted via cash, check or credit card at the Brussell’s Gymnastics office. Payments for tuition are non-refundable.

Tuition is billed for 48 of the 52 weeks of the year even though some months may have a 5th day. You are not charged for this day and it balances out days missed due to holidays or closings throughout the year.

If payment is not made by the 15th of the month and arrangements have not been made, your child will not be able to participate in class.

NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL: Give our office a call at 803-201-4994 if your child/children will not be participating.  You will be financially responsible for classes attended during the current month. Brussell’s Gymnastics requires notice to be given prior to the auto draft date of the 1st in order to avoid your card being charged.

REFERRALS: A $10.00 credit will be applied to your account for each referral that signs up for a program. Your name and/or your child’s name must be listed in order to receive credit.

ATTIRE:  For the safety of your child, skirted ballet type leotards are not allowed, stud earrings only, no zippers, snaps or buttons on clothing. Participants are required to go barefoot and have their hair securely pulled back from their face.

FEMALE PARTICIPANT ATTIRE: One piece leotards are suggested. No midriffs may be showing. Cotton shorts, leggings, bar shorts, fitted tank tops and shirts are permitted.

MALE PARTICIPANT ATTIRE: Tank tops or fitted t-shirts, worn with athletic shorts are permitted.

ATTENDANCE: Classes will begin promptly as scheduled.  As class interruptions are distracting to all participants, we request that you make sure that your child has used the restroom before class begins.

LATE TO CLASS: If a participant is 15+ minutes late to class, they will not be permitted to participate to minimize distractions.

ABSENCE: If a participant misses one (1) class, a pass for Parent’s Night Out or Sprouts Morning Out will be given if the account is current. Guardians are responsible for making the Front Desk aware of absence.

ILLNESS:  A child that is sick or contagious must be fever free for 24 hours without medication and not vomited or had diarrhea for at least 24 hours, before returning to BG Programs. PINK EYE and LICE are considered contagious and must be cleared before returning.

LATE PICK UP POLICY:  If your child is not picked up within 10 minutes of their class being over, they will be placed in afterschool or daycamp and the daily rate will be charged to your account if those programs are still open.

Daycamp and Afterschool end at 6:30pm.  If your child is not picked up, a charge of a $1.00 per minute will be charged to your account after the first 10 minutes.  If we have tried to contact all of the persons listed on the registration form and we do not receive an answer after 30 minutes the authorities will be called for the safety of your child. 

CANCELLATION:  It may be necessary to cancel practice(s) due to coach’s illness, gym maintenance, weather, “acts of God”, etc. There are no make-ups or refunds given.

DISCIPLINE: Your child will receive a verbal warning, a time out then a meeting with parents. If behavior continues, your child will be suspended for a week. WE HAVE A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR PHYSICAL ALTERCATIONS. If your child is in a physical altercation, they will be suspended from the program for a week. If any repetitive incidents occur, the child will be dismissed from Brussell’s Gymnastics.

Brussell’s Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings/valuables. Lost & Found will be emptied and/or donated the first of each month.

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